Looking stylish and beautiful always is something that all women wish. However, sometimes they are restricted by their clothing options since they do not have a lot available to them. However, all women should stock on some wardrobe essentials that can help them elevate any look in just a few minutes. These wardrobe essentials can be anything from a basic top to stylish dresses that can be helpful in times when you do not know what to wear.

Casual top with patchwork

When you do not know what you should wear to a place that has a casual vibe, you should ideally go for a casual top. However, just going for a plain top may not look that great. So, if you want to look elegant without wearing prints all over and just wearing simple clothes, you should prefer a casual top with patchwork. Such a top would look simple yet beautiful because you will have a basic outfit, yet the patchwork would add flavor to your entire outfit. It will make you stand out subtly.

Floral chiffon blouse

What do we do on days that we feel extremely happy? We look for outfits that can make us feel even happier. Something that screams happy vibes is floral print. Floral print can help you rock any event and occasion without looking too blingy. A floral chiffon blouse is a wardrobe staple that no woman should miss out on. This piece of clothing can be styled beautifully with white pants, black wide-leg jeans, skirts, and even denim shorts on casual day-outs. So, you must invest in this amazing clothing piece.

Solid color bodycon dress

What is the one piece of clothing that you can style from day to night without looking out of place? Yes, it is a solid color bodycon dress. When you are leaving for work in the morning, you can put it on with basic earrings, a watch, and heels. But when you are leaving for a party straight from work, you can add in some beautiful neck pieces or statement earrings with a contrasting pair of heels to level up the look in just a few minutes.

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