In fact, aluminum gingham with different patterns and shapes has different aluminum materials.
1. Pattern of compass aluminum alloy plate: non-slip 4x8 aluminum sheet, which is similar to Wujin, but it is not often used.
2. Five-bar aluminum pedal: It has good anti-skid ability and is widely used in construction, platform design, etc. The surface patterns are arranged according to five relatively parallel reliefs, and each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, so this pattern has excellent anti-slip performance. It is commonly used in China for anti-skid. Using this, the anti-skid effect is good, and the price is cheaper.
3. Anyone who buys an aluminum plate can call the aluminum plate a hemispherical pattern, and the surface presents a pattern of small balls, like small pearls, so the aluminum plate can be a pearl pattern aluminum plate. Mainly used for packaging. The appearance is more beautiful. Due to the particularity of the pattern, the strength of the Aluminum sheet is much higher than that of other series of patterns.
4. Other aluminum patterns: wave pattern plate, water corrugated pattern aluminum plate, corrugated pattern aluminum plate (aluminum and variable tile), rattan screen pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular pattern aluminum plate, strip pattern aluminum plate, aluminum pebble pattern plate, aluminum tread pattern Plate, triangular stucco embossed aluminum plate, butterfly pattern aluminum plate, etc.