• The latest Nintendo Switch update is presently available with the ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output.
  • The player can be using two wireless Nintendo Switch consoles with the Bluetooth headset connected.

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Nintendo has recently announced that Bluetooth support is now available to its Switch consoles via the software update. The feature to use the Bluetooth headphones to listen to the game audio has been missing ever since the console was released in 2017. But, it’s is now available to the users with some limitations to notice.

The Nintendo support article mentions that one will be limited to using two wireless Nintendo Switch consoles at a time with the Bluetooth headset connected. In addition, the system does not support Bluetooth microphones since Nintendo’s provides a facility of voice chat system that relies on an app on your smartphone.  On the other hand, it turns out to be a matter of disappointment to the one who prefers playing games with their built-in voice chat abilities.

However, the players intending to get the Bluetooth support enabled to their Nintendo switches got the hold on the Bluetooth audio adapters and headsets such as the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless that came with a dongle.

Nintendo Switch does not come with a headphone jack, so Bluetooth audio built-in in the system is a deal. Meanwhile, Nintendo says that Switch has the ability to save up to 10 connected devices that should be compatible with both regular Switch consoles as well as the Switch Lite.

Additionally, the updates are said to add some features to make use of the wired internet. With this, the Switch will be able to stay connected to the internet in a sleep mode on being plugged in via an adapter or any inbuilt LAN port on the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED dock. Through this technique, the console will be able to download content while in sleep mode, and this feature will be on automatically.


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