The complete WoTLK Gold expansion is full of additional content that includes brand-new quests as well as currencies and game mechanics that let players totally immerse themselves in the afterlife. One of the brand new game mechanics is to make your personal Legendary Armor. These are class-based items that improve a character's stats and allow them to stand against entities like The Jailer and other legends they encounter as they progress on their way through expansion. To unlock Legendary Crafting that allows players to make the upgraded equipment They will need to reach Level 60 and be a member of a Covenant. They must also finish the first chapter of their Covenant's story and get to Torghast for the first time. In Torghast, they will meet the Runecarver. He has the secret to Legendary Crafting.

The Runecarver will provide players with an assortment of quests that they must complete before they can gain access to Legendary Crafting. The first is to gather 1.250 Soul Ash from the layers of Torghast. This is the interminable dungeon in The Maw. Once they have that, they must be able to complete Ashes of the Tower, another related quest. Once they have completed these two steps, they'll receive a quest from Runecarver called the Final Pieces, which will grant an opportunity to participate in Legendary Crafting. In the quest, players are required to retrieve three items integral of Legendary Crafting: a Rune Vessel base item, two Missives and a Runecarver Memory. Here's how to complete the Final Pieces quest and unlock Legendary Crafting in WotLK Classic.

The first, and most likely the easiest item for players to come across will be Rune Vessels. These are basic items which will transform into The Legendary Armor piece the character wears to battle. This Rune Vessel will determine if the armor item is made of cloth Leather mail, Plate, and which slot it will be able to fill. The players who play who is a craftsperson are able to make one of these items. They are usually created by Leatherworkers, Tailors Jewelcrafters and Blacksmiths. If the players haven't entered an industry that involves crafting, or have not leveled their profession enough to craft the Rune Vessel item and instead have to purchase one from the Auction House. Rune Vessel items will be identified with particular prefixes that are specific to the material each piece is made from:

Cloth: Grim-Veiled

Leather: Umbrahide

Mail: Boneshatter

Necklaces/Plates, and Plates: Shadowghast

The players should be ready to pay some gold for these items. They must also ensure the item is appropriate for their class. The other thing a player needs are two Missives. These are designed by characters in the Inscription profession. They are used to determine the two secondary stats Legendary Armor will have. They have to be different from each other for Legendary Crafting to be effective. There are a variety of options:

A Missive from Critical Strike

Missive of Haste

Missive of Mastery

Missive of Versatility

Another thing players could create by themselves, provided their primary or alternative characters are in their Inscription profession. In other cases, they'll need to pick up the two Missives they like to buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold.