Dadu Medical Centre offers the advanced state of the art and Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi and helps both men and women to achieve smooth and hair-free smooth skin.

Laser hair removal is an extensively practiced cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted or excessive hair from any part of the body or face. The most targeted areas include the chin, upper lips, underarms, arms, chest, bikini line, legs, and back. It is a speedy, hassle-free treatment involving focusing laser light pulses on undesirable hair to significantly delay hair growth in the long term. Young men and women belonging to ages 20 to 45 usually undergo this treatment at Dadu Medical Centre, performed by the Best Doctor for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

Laser hair removal provides the best and most precise outcome for people who have fair skin and dark hair. But, with advancements in laser technology, this limitation has been removed. It works only on actively growing hair, hence multiple sessions are required followed by maintenance sessions to achieve silky, smooth hair-free skin... Read More