Check whether the dolomite powder machine meets the following debugging conditions. Whether the dolomite powder machine equipment is fully installed according to the drawings, and ensure that all parts of the equipment are in the correct position.

It is required to have a record of the complete installation process and to pass the acceptance inspection;

The strength of the basic concrete of the equipment and the strength of the secondary grouting concrete must reach the strength level required by the design;

The PLC control system, thermometer and pressure gauge of the dolomite powder machine can be reliably put into operation;

The dolomite powder machine is equipped with equipment for installation Completed, the grinding workshop system is complete;

The surrounding environment of the equipment is free of garbage and debris, and the scaffolding is removed;

Ensure that the water power, electricity, and communication facilities are complete;

Explosive materials, and equipped with corresponding fire-fighting facilities to prevent accidents;

Ensure that the amount of lubricant used during the operation of the dolomite powder machine is sufficient;