Serie A is a league that has dominated the world of football both in the terms of viewership and the quality of play. For more than a decade in the past, Italian teams have ruled over Europe, winning more than 4 finals in the Champions League. Even though a lot of football fans come from Spanish and English zones, buying tickets for Serie A games will be worth it. Here are 3 reasons that make Serie A world-famous:

1. Football stars and clubs: Italy has a history of producing some of the world’s best players. Just like other top-tier leagues like Bundesliga and Champions League, Serie A has also dominated the world of football. Some of the biggest names like Alexis Sanchez, El Flaco, and Cristiano Ronaldo have either benefitted greatly from the league or are currently playing at the biggest stage in Italy. Serie A also has some of Italy’s best clubs like Juventus, Milan, Inter, etc.

2. Young Talent: If you are on the lookout for world-class young talent, there is no better place to go than the Serie A. Some of these players are just in their early 20s and are considered to be the world’s most talented players.

3. Recognition in Europe: One of the ways that can get players their recognition in the European Union is their participation in FIFA’s Ballon d’Or. Players playing in the Serie A league have gained a tremendous number of nominations and winnings. This means that Serie A players are getting more recognition in the world. Recognition comes as a result of more participation of journalists, captains, and coaches in the decision-making process at the big stages.

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