One of the enhancements Madden nfl 23 Coins offered was that the coaching team that operates under the players' head coach was considerably more meticulous than the previous years. Now is the time to take the next step and get an entire coaching staff. That means that there need to be offensive and defensive line coaches, linebackers coaches quarterbacks, defensive backs running backs, and receivers coaches. They should also all have various ratings which are likely influence how the team plays and evolves over the duration of a season. The coaching staff is also required to be able to be hired and dismissed, and it could be quite cool if the computer makes a move to hire a star defensive coordinator to be another manager for the same team.

The kind of influence on the players ' performance by the coaching staff is already happening in other sports. Particularly, the MLB the Show franchise offers pitchers and hitting coaches who impact how players are likely to perform. The idea that there could be a chance to lose a great coach to another team could create a new element to the franchise mode that might be very enjoyable. Also, going out and stealing a good defensive coordinator to serve as the player's defensive wizard would also be fun and exciting in a manner that the mode hasn't so far.

Back in the earlier version of NCAA Football franchise modes, one of the coolest aspects of the game was to have a real coaching carousel . It was designed to begin players on their journeys as offensive or defensive coordinators. They might have to climb up the ranks before they could actually get a good head coaching offer. It appears that Madden NFL 23 could do some version of this, with players even starting low on the totem line and being required to work their way up to an assistant coach position at very top possible level.

It is possible that there will be some kind of "Face of Franchise" game that incorporates the teams from colleges that were in the previous episodes. Instead of striving to win games as an NFL quarterback, the game could offer up the ability to coach a college squad through an imaginary season. The success of that season will determine what kind of jobs a player received from the NFL. This is a new addition that seems to be off the agenda of EA and most likely won't appear in Madden NFL 23. but it's likely to be part of Madden NFL 24 if the firm wanted to appeal to players.

One of the oddities that is unique to the Madden NFL franchise game is it's a while since the game has focused on the coaching side of the franchise. That's despite playing at focusing on this aspect through things similar to the daily press conference and other new additions. This is even more bizarre considering that EA had a time produced games that were specifically about being the head coach. It actually was a mode for coaching and didn't actually allow users to control the players. The game had only one year and struggled to really get traction, but it would be genuinely cool to get a glimpse of Madden 23 Coins what it offered in regards to changes to the Madden NFL franchise mode.