In continuous operation, the lining plate and steel ball of the mini cement plant will be seriously worn, which is directly related to The Hardness Of The Material. The greater the hardness of the material, the faster the wear rate of the mini cement plant liner and steel balls, which may cause equipment damage or even safety accidents in severe cases.

In addition, it is also related to the steel balls of the mini cement plant. The size of the steel balls and the number of steel balls will affect the service life of the mini cement plant liner. If the mini cement plant is in operation, increasing the amount of steel balls or filling steel balls with larger diameters will increase the wear of the mini cement plant liner.

Countermeasures: Reasonable selection of the mini cement plant liner and steel balls is one of the main ways to reduce the excessive wear of the liner. First, the relevant staff need to know the ratio of the mini cement plant liner to the steel ball, and select the corresponding steel ball size and quantity according to the ratio.

Under normal circumstances, the hardness ratio of the liner of the conventional mini cement plant to the steel ball is about 1:0.8. Second, it is necessary to control the ratio of materials and steel balls, and it is advisable that the material is twice that of the steel balls.

Third, when choosing a mini cement plant, it is necessary to select the appropriate mini cement plant liner according to the type of minerals, control the hardness of the mini cement plant liner and the steel ball, and make a reasonable match between the steel ball and the liner.