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Freehold condominiums are now one of the most sought-after properties in Singapore. This is because they allow owners to retain ownership over an indefinite period. Though these states are quite expensive, the idea of perpetual ownership attracts many property buyers.

If you have decided to settle in the urban areas, choose condos and you won’t regret it. For the best experience, you are highly advised to explore the different types of condos. Freehold condos are different enough compared to regular condos. They come with a number of benefits: 


  • More Freedom, Fewer Restrictions


New Launch Freehold Condo Singapore brings more flexibility and freedom in usage compared to their leasehold counterparts. You can easily make changes to the internal and external structure of your unit. For instance, if you prefer gardening then you can remodel your house the way you wish.  


  • Higher Return on Investment 


Just choose Freehold New Launch condo and you can wait for the most suitable time to sell your property. All you need to ensure is that the estate is well-maintained in the meantime of depreciation.


  • Greater Value in Land Ownership


Having a freehold property means owning a piece of land. Note that Singapore is a land-scarce country, so it’s a valuable asset to own a property in Freehold New Launch Singapore. However, if you opt for leasehold properties they will expire after their tenure. In fact, no longer owns the asset after 99 years. Moreover, you cannot pass on your property.

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