In addition to mechanical meters, kWh meters, electronic meters, etc., electric meters can also be divided into three-phase meters, single-phase meters, etc., under three-phase, can also be divided into three-phase four-wire meters, three-phase five-wire meters, etc. So in general, there are many types of electricity meters. Today we are talking about three phase electromechanical kwh meter .

Three phases electromechanical kWh meter is a combination of the two advantages of single-phase electric meters and electromechanical electric meters. The three phases electromechanical kWh meter has the characteristics of good reliability, small size, lightweight, beautiful appearance, advanced technology, standard installation, etc.; and has good anti-electromagnetic interference, low self-consumption, and power-saving, high precision, high overload, and high stability Performance, anti-theft, long life.

In addition to the three-phase electromechanical kWh meter, there is also a single phase electromechanical kwh meter , which combines the advantages of a single-phase electric meter and an electromechanical electric meter, which is also more convenient and accurate.