White-label NFT Marketplace Development

White-label NFT Marketplace Development is ready to deploy platform that facilitates users to sell, purchase, bid, and mint the NFTs. Our expert developer provides you with white-label NFT marketplaces in multiple Blockchains that will enable businesses to have extensive trading of NFT digital assets. White label NFT marketplace solution helps the entrepreneur to launch their trending NFT marketplace platform with a storefront, auction, and trading NFTs instantly!

Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace: 

  • Personalized & User-Friendly Solutions
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Improved Security
  • Quick Deployment
  • Cost-Effectiveness


NFT Standards used for Unique NFT Development :

ERC 721 - Ethereum standard used to build non-fungible or unique tokens.

ERC 1155 - Ethereum token standard allows the creation of every type of asset

TRC 721 -TRON's first non-fungible token (NFT) standard to track and transfer NFTs on TRON. 

ERC 998 - It is an extension to the ERC-721 standard that adds the ability for non-fungible tokens to own other non-fungible tokens.

Features of White Label NFT Marketplace:

  • NFT Storefront
  • Interactive UI/UX
  • NFT Ranking & Auction
  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Customizable

Why Choose Osiz White Label NFT Marketplace Solution?

We Osiz provide a white label NFT Marketplace and software solutions, and applications, to the purpose behind the development of these outstanding solutions, was business expansion and providing them numerous benefits. That provides a wide range of NFT marketplace development services followed by augmented security protocols.

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