When the cellphone's battery starts up and the bell rings, it can generate enough energy to create a slight spark that can cause a fire. Petroleum, Chemicals, Safety and other relevant departments have clearly stated that cell phone use in oil depots has been a long time, but the current implementation is not ideal. The equipment in the oil depot is controlled by a computer. The signal from the cell phone interferes with the normal operation of the device and leads to inaccurate measurements. More importantly, sparks are generated from the mobile phone during the call, which can easily cause fire and explode the oil depot.

After the signal jammer for the oil depot mobile phone has been activated, it continuously transmits interference signals against all mobile phones on the market (including all frequency bands of 2G, 3G, 4G, telecommunications, China Unicom and China Mobile) as well as 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi Fi- and Bluetooth devices, All cell phones, WLAN and Bluetooth devices within the shielded area lose their communication functions and cannot send or receive text messages, make calls or surf the Internet.

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U.S. Department of Defense officials speaking to NBC News did not confirm whether they lost any of the drones to the signal jammer, but one official said the disruption had an operational impact on military operations in Syria.

Although cell phone jammer is freely available in the market, including on e-commerce platforms, the Union government has made it clear that private sector organizations or individuals cannot source or use such devices in India. The Cabinet Secretariat published a "Cell Phone Signal Jammer Directive" on its website on Thursday, stating that standards for the procurement and use of jammers by states / territories, defense forces and the police had been developed.

To prevent GPS monitoring of your person, your mobile phone or your vehicle, a GPS jammer from signal jammers stops the tracking of signals. Maintain your privacy, keep your movements discreet and avoid unauthorized surveillance by using a jamming device.