Axie Infinity Clone Script is an NFT-Based Gaming platform, in which the players can trade and create a battle, gather, breed, and create Axie. This Axie infinity clone script was built on Ethereum Blockchain.

We Osiz offer the that is multi-tested, 100% bug-free source code that helps to launch NFT gaming platforms. It has the functionality of the money-making feature Axie Infinity in the NFT exchange marketplace, where users can trade properly.

In-game assets such as fantasy creatures, accessories, pets, and so on can be used to create NFTs. Axie Infinity clone script a website that allows its own NFT gaming platform like Axie infinity digital trading game.

Features of our Axie Infinity Clone Script

⦁ Decentralized platform

⦁ P2P Interactions

⦁ Encrypted Data Protection

⦁ Multi-layer security protection

⦁ integrated crypto wallet

⦁ Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

⦁ KYC and AML Integration

⦁ Debug mode enabled

⦁ 100% transparency

⦁ Customizable Dashboards

And more….

Functionalities In Our Axie Infinity Clone Script:-

⦁ Battle

⦁ Land

⦁ staking

⦁ Marketplace

⦁ Native Tokens


⦁ Axie Breeding

Why Choose Osiz for Axie Infinity Clone Script Development?

Osiz as a Leading NFT Game Development Company offers you to build a high-end robust NFT marketplace with customized solutions. They can develop NFT Marketplace with a wide range of use NFT Token exclusively on the blockchain network architecture.


Want to start your own NFT Gaming platform? Then this is the right time to launch the NFT gaming platform like Axie infinity.

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