Gold Bangles are those classy accessories which define the beauty of a woman. Be it glass, metal, wood, plastic or precious metal, bangles are a must-have in your jewellery box. In a country with a rich and strong cultural heritage like India, bangles hold a special position. There is no wedding without bangles as the bride would look quite incomplete! There is no village fair with the familiar call of the vendors to buy their fare which includes a colourful collection of bangles. Whether you prefer to walk into a store or even buy gold bangle design online, make sure you purchase different varieties depending on the kind of ensemble you prefer.

Traditional glass

Across communities, glass bangles have been one of the most popular varieties in India. These traditional types are quite colourful with red and green being commonly used. You are sure to sport one of these in the town or village fair even today. Glass bangles have evolved over the years and feature embellishments such as bead work, mirrors, glitter and metallic additions. You can pick up a pair of contemporary glass bangles online and look traditionally smart when you wear them with salwar suits or sarees.

Timeless metals

gold bangles for women is a precious, timeless metal and is much sought after when it comes to jewellery in India. An Indian bride is incomplete without her fair share of gold bangles of varying sizes. Silver is an equally important option in precious metals. Platinum, a precious metal, has a very modern and fashionable tag attached to it. What's great about metal bangles is that you are sure to find varieties which are well-suited for both traditional as well as western wear. You can check out bangles online in precious metals and opt for the most contemporary designs to make you look classy and sophisticated.

Funky urban

Doesn't matter if you are a teen, in your 20s or older! The cool urban look is here to stay. You can pick up funky bangles online which usually look good with both ethnic-fusion as well as western clothes. Choose over-sized bangles online with contemporary designs in bright colours made of plastic, wood or of a fabric finish. For instance, you can check out the United Colors of Gold Bangles online. These thick wedge glossy bangles are made of resin. Beads are strung through an elasticated band through the curve of the bangle to enable a customised fit. Pick up a set of funky bangles online and jazz up your attire for the day!