When the dolomite powder machine is running empty, let the motor run for 2 hours under the condition of no load of the dolomite powder machine. During this period, ensure that the motor rotates in the correct direction and the accident button works normally and reliably to ensure safety. If the motor runs normally when idling, the reducer should be idling for 2 hours.

Connect the reducer and the pinion coupling, install the protective cover, start the lubricating oil system and the cooling water system. Turn on the power of the dolomite powder machine, after the rotation is normal, press the accident button to stop, and check the main bearing, motor, and gears to determine whether the dolomite powder machine rotates in the correct direction.

If there is no abnormality, start the dolomite powder machine to run for 8 hours. During the trial operation, check the heat generation of the dolomite powder machine bearing seal, the lubricating oil temperature and pressure, and the temperature should be controlled between 40-50 °C. If there is any abnormality, stop cooling immediately.