A lighter is a kind of gadget that is relatively common in daily life. Because of its portability, it plays a relatively important role in many scenarios. In fact, there are many categories of lighters, not only products from the perspective of brand models, but also differences in design based on principles. As a consumer, you can understand in detail before choosing to buy, so as to be able to filter out the most reasonable product as much as possible. So today, what I will introduce to you is the information about electric electric arc lighters.

electric arc lighters

Comparison of electric arc lighters and heating wire lighters

Electric arc lighters are relatively good. If your lighter has a heating wire, you only need a little power to ignite the heating wire to heat up. If there is a problem that the heating wire does not heat up when the switch is turned on, then either the battery is not good or the charging device is faulty and cannot be charged. If your lighter is an electric arc lighter, then this lighter must be charged to a certain extent before it can generate an arc. If the charging is not in place, you cannot directly use the arc to ignite. The kind of heating wire is to burn the heating wire red, and the cigarette can be ignited when it touches the heating wire. The electric arc lighter is to generate an arc, continuously shoot out sparks, and use this spark to light the cigarette.

Ignition effect of  electric arc lighter

In order to verify the ignition effect of the electric arc lighter, a test was conducted here. By igniting paper, cloth, plastic and metal, the test is carried out separately, and the ignition conditions of electric arc lighters and ordinary lighters are compared.

1. Paper: napkins, A4 paper and cardboard shells

First, ignite the napkin with an electric electric arc lighters, and find that after the napkin touches the arc emitted by the lighter, sparks will be generated immediately at the contact position on both sides, and then quickly ignited. After the electric arc lighter is removed, the open flame will continue to stay on the paper.

In addition, when the A4 paper and the cardboard case are ignited with an electric arc lighter, the situation of igniting the A4 paper is similar to that of the napkin, but the cardboard case will be burned to black first, and then smoke, and the open flame ignited is not as big as that of the napkin. The same goes for the other two lighters.

2. Cloth: cotton and acrylic clothing

First, use an electric arc lighter to ignite the acrylic clothing. When the arc touches the clothing, a small orange flame will be immediately generated on the contact point, and then the flame will burn the surrounding clothing. When the arc touches the clothing for about 10 seconds, an open flame will be generated.

However, compared with ordinary lighters, the open flame produced by ordinary lighters is larger than that of electric arc lighters.

3. Plastic: plastic bags and hard plastic tubs

When igniting the plastic bag, this electric arc lighter has the same effect as the ordinary lighter. The plastic bag will deform first, then open fire and emit black smoke.

However, when the hard plastic pot is lit, after the ordinary lighter touches it, the hard plastic pot will be charred immediately, and black smoke will be emitted, and the touched part will melt. The electric arc lighter did not show any phenomenon in the short-term burning in the experiment, but after the touch time exceeded 5 seconds, the phenomenon of smoking and charring appeared.

4. Metal

Light the metal rod with an electric arc lighter. When the arc hits the metal rod, there is a distinct "stinging" sound, accompanied by sparks. After the lighter is removed, there will be black burn marks at the location where the arc touched.

Burn the metal rod with an ordinary lighter, and there will be no black marks on the metal rod in a short time.

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