Definition of steelmaking: use oxidation method to remove impurities in pig iron and scrap steel, add an appropriate amount of alloy elements to make it into steel with high strength, toughness or other special properties, this process is called " Steelmaking".

Why steelmaking: Because pig iron cannot be widely used. High carbon content: no austenite at high temperature; poor performance: hard and brittle, poor toughness, poor welding performance, cannot be processed; many impurities: high content of S, P, and inclusions.

The main task of steelmaking: The main task of steelmaking is to smelt iron, scrap, etc. into steel with the required chemical composition, and make it have certain physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties.

The main equipment of steelmaking

1. Iron water pretreatment station

Iron water pretreatment is mainly used to desulfurize and slag iron water to provide qualified iron water for subsequent converter steelmaking and refining. It is also the main equipment for adjusting the supply and demand between blast furnace and converter. The iron is stored in the iron mixing furnace, the iron composition is mixed and the temperature is uniform.

2. Converter

Converters are the most important equipment in modern steel. Most of the steel mills in the world use converters to produce steel, and other short-process and special steels may use steel-making equipment such as electric arc furnaces.

The converter uses iron and scrap steel as raw materials, and blows oxygen into the iron to oxidize impurities and carbon in the iron. The blown high-pressure gas drives the flow of iron water, which plays a role in the floating of inclusions and the decarburization of iron water. Generally, the carbon content of blast furnace iron water is about 4%, and the converter is an important part of decarbonization.

3. Refining furnace

The refining furnace generally refers to the refining equipment outside the furnace. In the past 30 years, there have been more than 30 kinds of refining outside the furnace. The main function of the refining outside the furnace is to improve the quality of steel, expand the range of varieties, optimize the smelting process, improve production efficiency.

The main modern refining equipments are LF and RH refining furnaces. The main function of the RH refining furnace is to remove harmful gases and impurities in the steel and carry out deep decarburization. The LF furnace has functions such as heating, desulfurization, and deoxidation.

Refining furnace

4. Continuous casting machine

Continuous casting is the continuous casting of steel into billets through continuous casting machines, which are then sent to subsequent rolling production lines to be rolled into products.

Continuous casting is the process of converting molten steel into steel billets. The molten steel that has been processed upstream is transported to the turntable in steel drums, divided into several strands by the molten steel distributor, and injected into specific shaped casting molds. Then it is gradually cooled and solidified to form a cast embryo with a solidified shell on the outside and molten steel on the inside. Then the cast embryo is drawn into the arc-shaped sprue, and continues to solidify until it is completely solidified after secondary cooling. After straightening, it is cut into pieces according to the length of the order. The square shape is the large billet, and the plate shape is the flat billet. This semi-finished product is surface-treated as needed, and then sent to a rolling mill for rolling.

Continuous casting machine

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