In the area of thermal management, folding sheet metal allows us to increase the surface area within a given volume. Surface area is critical for efficient heat transfer. Folded fins also minimize the number of components used to assemble heat transfer components, such as water cooling plate spoiler folded fin heat sinks or larger heat exchangers. Because the fin stack is made from a single piece of material, machine setup time, assembly and handling time, and scrap can be reduced.

Folded fins come in a variety of materials and types. Most materials that can be made into sheets and can be easily folded can be used as folded fin materials. In thermal management, the most popular materials are copper and aluminum because they have the highest thermal conductivity of the commercially available materials. Stainless steel, copper-nickel, titanium, Inconel or other nickel alloys are other common folded fin materials. Their purpose is heat transfer components and is highly dependent on the end application.

Folded fins are key components of heat exchangers. Suitable for mechanical radiators, heat exchangers, wind power, rail transit liquid cold plates and refrigeration equipment.

Water Cooling Plate Spoiler Folded Fin

The folded fins are made by a progressive stamping method. The fins are then bonded to the base with thermally conductive epoxy, vacuum brazing, FSW or similar metallurgical bonding to form the heat sink. One advantage of folded fin heat sinks is the ability to combine aluminum and copper to tailor the performance of the heat sink to a specific application. If the heat must be spread over a large heat sink base, copper can be used because it is highly conductive, but the heat sink can be made of aluminum due to its light weight and low cost.

In heat exchangers and many heat exchange equipment, the convective heat transfer coefficients of the fluids on both sides of the heat transfer wall are often unbalanced, so it is necessary to install fins on the side of the heat transfer wall with the smaller heat transfer coefficient.

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