It's best demonstrated when a lineman stands on Madden nfl 23 Coins a running back at the line of scrimmage and slows him long enough for a defensive back to swoop into him and take him down from the side. In a stand-up stand-up that is one-on-1 the player will receive an A/X-like button-mash prompt that allows them to either fend off the tackle or finish the play, similar to Tecmo Super Bowl. Madden NFL 23's stand-up tackle breakout is more contextualized and dependent on the player's attribute scores and fulfills the game's designers' intention to give players more control over the play's outcome.

As I observed during a hands-on demo, sometimes the AI cornerback smacks an ungripped runner from behind and pushes him forward for an additional yard. EA is, as EA usually does, promoting this new game as an exciting back-of-the-box program named FieldSense. But after experiencing Madden 23 for an entire hour, it feels less like an all-or nothing game, where my play either rips off an impressive gain against a flat-footed defense or is stretched behind the line of scrimmage , and is blown out for an injury.

FieldSense is a unique feature in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Madden NFL 23 It involves more than just football. Quarterbacks also get a new target system, which appeared very granular and intimidating at first. However, I realized that it was simply an idea of what I was already doing -I was leading my receiver, throwing the ball ahead of or over him. When passers make an attempt to throw the ball during Madden NFL 23. they'll observe an ellipse in the field. It represents an area that the receiver will be able to make a successful catch.

Players can move a reticle around or even outside that circular area (depending on a game toggle) to keep it away from defenders or set up an impressive, how-did-he do-that-grab. If players would like to they can also select an additional menu option that puts a release meter above the receiver's head. It's blue in color -- meaning completion -and it will either narrow or widen dependent on the quarterback's qualities as well as the situation (rolling out to throw across his body, etc.). This sounds like a lot to process, but in the majority of throws from the pocket, I wasn't required to consider the meter. however, if a scrambling thrower extending a broken play you have the chance to target any receiver if you're lucky (or lucky) enough.

In single-player games, Madden NFL 23 can give players a slowdown of bullet time to aid players in identifying throws and become familiar with the system. But after a few throws I realized that I didn't need it. The most impressive example of this latest pass-targeting visual aid was in the course of a game in which I took to the Los Angeles Chargers against their stadium owners, the Los Angeles Rams. Justin Herbert lofted a 12-yard square in the direction of Keenan Allan that I purposely placed high and long. It flew right through Jalen Ramsey's right hand that was outstretched. Ramsey is probably the best cornerback of the Mut Coins Madden 23 and in nine of 10 Maddens prior to this, it would have been an intercept.