Do you want to go to the world wine tasting this year?

This autumn, the FIFA World Cup will be held again. At that time, there will be an opportunity to know whether people are right about football: 22 men chase the ball for 90 minutes, and the Germans always win.To get more news about XemBD, you can visit official website.

Germany didn't win the last World Cup. The French will, they will come back to participate in this year's championship in Qatar, as well as their young superstar Kerian mbape. Messi of Argentina and Ronaldo of Portugal will also be their last game in the world cup. There is no doubt that a new star will be in the sky of football this year... Alfonso Davis of Canada, the son of Liberian parents, was born in a refugee camp in Ghana, grew up in Alberta, and now shines in Bayern Munich? What will happen if the U.S. team fails to qualify in 2018?

These are one of the many reasons why fans participated in the 64 World Cup matches held in Qatar, where the heat of the desert changed their schedule from the usual summer to the weeks from November 21 to December 18.

For those who plan to participate, it is time to buy tickets and accommodation. However, there are also some convincing reasons not to go. Here is a basic manual about catar 2022: where to go, how to go, and more importantly, whether you should go.

Concerns arose shortly after Qatar was appointed as the headquarters state in 2010. When this small Persian Gulf country rushed to build seven football fields, an airport, a public transport system, hotels, apartments and other infrastructure, it was soon accused that 2million migrant workers in the country were forced to endure extremely dangerous conditions.

The human rights organization Amnesty International has described in detail "uncontrolled" exploitation and abuse, including statements by migrant workers who are not paid, work long hours, and often in hot weather. The country responded to the review by carrying out labour reforms in recent years, and tournament organizers ensured that the conditions of workers had improved.