The vertical roller mill is an indispensable equipment in the concentrator, and it is also a very critical equipment in the construction of the entire concentrator. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the stable operation of the vertical roller mill.

However, before it is officially put into operation, the debugging of the vertical roller mill is a very important step, and there can be no deviation at any point, otherwise the particle size of the vertical roller mill product will not meet the requirements, and even the metal recovery rate will be reduced. So how to debug the vertical roller mill? Let's see how vertical roller mill does in the debugging process.

The debugging of the vertical roller mill should confirm whether the debugging conditions are met, run empty and under load, and check the status of all aspects of the equipment.

Check whether the vertical roller mill meets the following debugging conditions. Whether the vertical roller mill equipment is fully installed according to the drawings, and ensure that all parts of the equipment are in the correct position.

  • It is required to have a record of the complete installation process and to pass the acceptance inspection;
  • The strength of the basic concrete of the equipment and the strength of the secondary grouting concrete must reach the strength level required by the design;
  • The PLC control system, thermometer and pressure gauge of the vertical roller mill can be reliably put into operation;