Lotion pumps, also known as sprayers, are one of the well-known dispensing procedures for viscous liquid items in the beauty and personal care industry and are suitable for all shapes and sizes.


Generally speaking, a lotion pump consists of:


Actuator-An actuator is a tool that a user presses to withdraw a product from a container. Generally, the actuator is made of PP plastic and usually has a locking or locking function to prevent unexpected results.


Cap-A compound that screws the entire assembly to the neck of the container. It is a standard neck-end destination, such as 28-410, 33-400. Usually made of PP plastic, the side design is smooth. In some cases, a smooth metal housing can be installed to give the pump a high-end look.


The outer gasket-gasket is usually fixed to the inside of the bottle cap by a friction fit, and it acts as a gasket on the bottle groove area to prevent product leakage. According to the manufacturer's design, this outer gasket can be made from a variety of materials: rubber, LDPE are just two of the many possible options.


Housing-sometimes called the pump assembly housing, this mixture holds all the pump elements in place and also acts as a transfer cavity, transferring the product from the dip tube to the actuator and finally to the user's hand. This part is usually made of PP plastic. Depending on the output and design of the lotion pump, the size of the housing may vary widely. Please note that if the pump is paired with a glass bottle, because the side wall of the glass bottle is thick, the width of the mouth of the bottle may not be enough to accommodate the housing-be sure to check its installation and function first.


Immersion tube – a long plastic tube made of PP plastic that extends the reach of the atomizer sprayer to the bottom of the bottle. The length of the dip tube will vary depending on the bottle paired with the pump. A properly cut dip tube will maximize product use and prevent clogging.



The effect of the   Lotion Pump     is very similar to that of the suction device, and despite the opposite of the law of gravity, the suction device still pulls the product from the bottle into the hands of the consumer. When the user presses the actuator again, the product already in the chamber will be pulled out of the chamber through the rod and the actuator, then dispensed from the pump and sprinkled on the consumer's hand.

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