Throughout the 2019 MLB season, Sporting News will run short interviews with players, highlighting theirfavorite foods, activities and more in a feature we're calling Two Minutes With ...

In this edition, SN's Joe Rivera got two minutes with Orioles outfielder Trey Mancini. Minnesota Vikings Accessories


Editor's note: This interview took place on March 28.

SPORTING NEWS:How was your offseason, Trey?

TREY MANCINI:It was great. I live in Nashville, so I went there. Did some travelling, I had like five weddings I went to. It was a lot. It went by pretty quick. Every weekend was pretty jam-packed.

SN:Being in Nashville, you eat a lot of barbecue?

TM:Yeah, yeah, absolutely! Martin's is my favorite place.

SN:What's your favorite thing to do in the offfseason? Any favorite hobby?

TM:Travelling. During the season you get Greg Joseph Jerseys to see your friends some, because you get to travel to a lot of the cities, and my friends live in a lot of the cities we go to. But it's kinda different during the offseasonbecause you have time to see all your friends. I really do like travelling a lot, going back to Florida, seeing my family.

SN:Are you a big movie guy?

TM:Relatively.I like TV shows more. Alan Page Jerseys

SN:What's your favorite show?

TM:"The Office."

SN:After Steve Carrell left, too?

TM:I thought it was still pretty good. I think, with age, people have started to accept the later seasons more. Especially the last season, they did a great job on it.

SN:Pizza or tacos?


SN:New York or Chicago style?

TM:New York, definitely New York.

SN:Sometimes Chicago style can be like pizza soup.

TM:Laughs.I like it, don' James Lynch Jerseys t get me wrong. But yeah, I prefer New York.

SN:Batman or Iron Man?



TM:I like the "Dark Knight" movies. They're some of my favorite movies ever, so that's probably why.