Shopping is an absolute joy, especially for clothes. It is like having an entire stunning collection at your fingertips—the cute dresses, tops, skirts, jeans, and pants. However, one significant part of shopping online is your guess game.

When you are on a hunt for shopping for your outfit online, you must be aware of your right fit. Various physical stores are also available online, like April Bloom, where you can shop by sitting at your home. Sometimes, a dress the model is wearing might attract your eyes, but eventually, it looks the opposite after buying. 

The actual hurt break occurs when you buy that dress for a special occasion. Now what? To avoid such mishaps, you must know how to find your ideal size. Take a look at the following tips and tricks to find the right size that you can flaunt happily.

  • Measure yourself the right way.

Knowing your accurate measurements is the first step to finding the right fit online. You can measure your size by measuring tape or a piece of string and write it down. Measure your chest, hip, and waist so that you can find your size in the website's size chart.

  • Look for the size chart.

While shopping for April clothes online, you can easily find the size chart with every product. The size chart includes the different available sizes. Usually, you can find the sizing chart below on the website to know what might suit you. In general, it will let you know whether you are an extra-small, small, medium, large or extra-large for that particular clothing.

  • Take the size of the model into consideration.

After checking your size and the sizing chart, are you still confused about your right fit? You can notice and examine the model and the size she is wearing. Take specific details into account that may determine if a garment will look great on your body type.

If you are of average height, the cropped top on the model will most likely be just right for you. The model's garment size and height can help you figure out the fit.

  • Go through the reviews.

People often love to buy a product with thousands of reviews. However, you should read them here instead of just looking at the number. You must pay special attention to the ones where people are running with either bigger or small, or the product is true to size.

After all, these honest reviews are invaluable and can give you a far better understanding of the fit.


Even after following all the tips to get the perfect fit, sometimes the fit can look different from what you expected. Thus, in such cases, you can always check the website's return and exchange policy.