Many different massage salons have opened today. Each studio has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, LUX studio has definitely managed to stand out from all the others. The official portal of the salon is at The service here is organized in the most wonderful way, because first of all a great attention is paid to the customer's needs. Massage therapists have great experience and are competent to approach the clients individually. Each masseuse has special costumes and attributes in her closet, which can add a zest to the massage session.

The erotic massage is the main service of the salon. What kind of massage is it? In addition to the main techniques of the classical massage, let's say, rubbing, there is a gentle and exciting stroking of the client's hands and even directly by the body. The real professionalism in this activity is to bring the client to orgasm without touching the genitals, but only through the action on different special areas and the calm touch of the body. Undoubtedly, this is a unique type of massage, characterized by all kinds of specific techniques of girls. In general, massage can improve the condition of the muscles and skin, has a positive impact on the internal organs and balances the flow of life forces.

A special cream with a light scent, aromatic oil is used in the work. By the way, the best oils for arousal are considered orange and lavender. Also, to enhance the sensations of the session are used particles of fur, silk and various other accessories.

It should be emphasized yet the atmosphere that creates around the visitor of this studio. Numerous rooms, where the massage sessions are carried out, are thought out in detail. First of all, everything is involved, which positively affects the final result of the massage. Beautiful melodies, styling and many other elements. Therefore, when choosing a salon, you should choose this studio without any doubts. It is within the walls of the studio you can experience pleasure, which will remain in memory for many years.