Boiler dust collector is a kind of boiler flue gas dust removal and environmental protection equipment, which is called boiler flue gas dust collector in many places. The main function of the boiler dust collector is to eliminate the particulate soot in the flue gas emitted by the combustion of the boiler fuel, thereby greatly reducing the amount of soot discharged into the atmosphere. This is also a kind of dust removal equipment to improve environmental pollution and air quality.

So what types of boiler dust removal equipment are there? Generally, boiler dust collector equipment can be classified into: steam dust collector, bag dust collector, boiler desulfurization dust collector, shaft kiln bag dust collector, etc. According to the structure, it can be divided into boiler wet dust collector, boiler bag filter, boiler electrostatic precipitator, mechanical dust collector and so on.

1. Boiler wet dust collector: The working principle of the boiler wet dust collector is to use the dust-laden airflow to contact with water or other liquids to capture the boiler particulate dust. Boiler wet dust collector is also called scrubber dust collector. It has high dust removal efficiency, simple design structure, low cost and the function of absorbing sulfur dioxide gas. This type of wet dust collector has a simple design structure, less metal consumption and less land occupation. Therefore, the dust removal power can reach more than 90%, and it is widely used in daily small boilers to remove smoke and dust.

2. Boiler bag filter: Boiler bag filter is a device that makes the dust-laden airflow pass through the filter material to capture the dust. Boiler bag filter has many advantages such as high dust removal efficiency (high dust removal efficiency at low dust concentration), simple operation, reliable operation, etc., and is used more in daily life.

3. Boiler electrostatic precipitator: The principle of electrostatic precipitator is to use strong electric field corona discharge to ionize dust-containing gas, charge dust particles, and under the effect of Coulomb force, dust particles will be separated from the airflow. device. The application characteristics of the electrostatic precipitator: high dust removal power, high temperature dust-containing gas can be processed, low working resistance, low operating cost, but the steel consumption is very large, its cost is high, and the technical requirements for dust removal are very high.

4. Mechanical dust collector: A mechanical dust collector is a device that uses force (such as gravity, inertial force and centrifugal force) to separate dust from airflow. Such as gravity dust collectors, inertial dust collectors and cyclone dust collectors. The mechanical dust collector is characterized by simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance, but the dust removal efficiency is low. Gravity dust collectors and inertial force dust collectors have low dust removal efficiency and cannot meet current environmental protection requirements, so they are gradually being phased out.

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