steel rolling cooling bed is used for the uniform air cooling of the rolled materials and transport it in a phased manner from the entry side of the cooling bed to its discharge side. It transfers the bars one by one to the roller table, on which they are transported to the finishing section. It is important equipment in the hot rolling of long products in a rolling mill. A cooling bed carefully moves and cools the hot steel rolled bars after the hot rolling process.

The rolled bars after their rolling in the rolling mill are generally above 700 deg C and are to be cooled to below 150 deg C for subsequent finishing process. The cooling beds are to provide adjustability to the size, shape, and alloy of the profiles with appropriate cooling rate and minimized distortion. This results into high quality profiles and throughput.

steel rolling cooling bed

The principle of steel rolling cooling bed

The cooling bed is located in the rolling mill after the rolling of the steel material is completed. It supports and permits the hot rolled bars from the last stand of the mill to cool. Cooling bed cools the bars as well as cross transfers them towards the discharge end. In a cooling bed the temperature of the entire length of the bar is to be cooled at the same time. If not, it develops stresses in the bar.

After the last stand of the rolling mill, a shear arrangement is used to cut the bar which is moving to the cooling bed. This shear is normally a dual ratio crop and dividing shear. The lengths cut are to suit the length of the cooling bed and is based on the multiples of the finished saleable lengths. The cut length optimization software adjusts the primary cut lengths to the cooling bed to minimize yield losses. The tail end of the last bar can be either cobble cut at the crop and dividing shear, or if the length is greater than 3 m (metres), collected at the short bar recovery after the abrasive saws.

Cooling beds are longer than they are wide because of the bar dimensions which they are to typically cool. The length of the cooling bed is an important parameter. The length is to be such that it is able to accommodate the multiple of the saleable length. The length of the cooling bed is determined by the maximum run-out bar length, optimized by the selling lengths to minimize crop losses. The width of a cooling bed is determined on the basis of mill productivity (tons/hour) and the time required for cooling. Higher is the number of saleable length bars per cooling bed length of the bar, there is better yield of the rolling mill.

The bar delivery system to the cooling bed is to enable the bars to be transported onto the cooling bed at a speed matching with the speed of the rolling in the rolling mill. There need to have a soft braking system for the bars so that the surface of the bars remains in a perfect condition despite the high delivery speed. The system is required to adjust the braking pressure to the individual diameter and temperature of the bars. The bars are to be transferred onto the cooling bed for which the suitable arrangement needs to be provided. This ensures that only one bar is deposited per rake.

The cooling bed machine is mainly used for the online slow natural cooling of the rolled steel sheet. In the profile production line, the cold bed also has a pre-bending function for the profiles to prevent irregular bending of the profiles due to unequal quality in various places during the natural cooling process. Application areas: cooling bed machines are mainly used in the steel industry, metallurgical industry, etc.

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