Flying shear introduction

The Flying Shear (also known as Flying Knife) is a common industrial application for cutting a continuous product to a set length at line speed. The main production process is not interrupted thus maximizing machine productivity.

The flying shear machine is an important piece of equipment used by steel companies to shear metal billets, and its performance will directly affect the productivity of the rolling line. flying shear machine has a variety of structural forms. This chapter uses the four-link structure form, through its frame, upper and lower crank, upper and lower linkage, upper and lower rocker and workpiece of simple three-dimensional modelling. The shear force and the trajectory of the two shear blades can be derived from the assembly and simulation.

The flying shear machine is commonly used in steel rolling and paper production lines. In continuous billet rolling shops or small steel shops, it is placed at the back of the rolling line, the rolling piece will be cut into a fixed length or only cut the head and tail. In cold and hot strip shops, cross-cutting units, heavy shear units, galvanising units and tin-plating units are equipped with different types of flying shear machine, which will cut the strip to a fixed length or cut into coils of specified weight. The extensive use of flying shear machine is conducive to the rapid development of rolling steel production to high-speed, continuous direction. Therefore, it is one of the important aspects of the development of rolling steel production.

flying shear

Features of flying shear machine:

1.Large shear section, large shear force

2.High shearing accuracy

3.Optimized box stability, good running stability

The flying shears must meet the following requirements to achieve good cutting quality:

Flying shear machine should ensure good shear quality - accurate sizing, neat cutting surface and a wide range of sizing adjustment, but also a certain shear speed.

1. the horizontal speed of the shear blade should be equal to or slightly greater than the speed of movement of the rolled part.

2. the two shearing edges should have an optimum shearing edge clearance.

3. during shearing, the shearing edge should preferably move in a translational motion, i.e. with the shearing edge perpendicular to the surface of the rolled part.

4. flying shear machine to work according to a certain working system to ensure the fixed length.

5. the acceleration and mass of the moving parts of the flying shear machine should be kept to a minimum in order to reduce inertia forces and dynamic loads.

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