Every qualified and experienced webmaster is well aware that maintaining the constant availability and stability of websites is very difficult, even if there are no major difficulties - contrary to popular belief, it takes a lot of effort. Especially when it comes to websites and online stores available all over the world.

This requires tremendous attention to detail and the use of many checks and tests to diagnose every aspect of a website - from ICMP, SNMP, HTTP or TCP accessibility checks and data integrity checks to simple but vital checks on access speed and page load speed, SSL security certificate expiration and domain validation. This is usually done manually - at least most webmasters use this method in their work. But in the modern world, solving such problems requires a modern approach.

solutions for increasing the performance of website monitoring

One of the most adequate solutions for increasing the performance of website monitoring, as well as accelerating the response time to emerging problems of accessibility and stability of websites, is the use of automated services. In the context of ubiquitous automation, this technique is ideal for use in the website maintenance industry.

One of the best services available today is HostTracker, a fully automated website monitoring platform that provides access to all the tests and checks a webmaster might need at a reasonable monitoring service price in the form of a monthly subscription fee. Thanks to its capabilities, this service will allow you to manage your website in a fully automatic mode without the need to interfere with its work after fully configuring all the necessary testing procedures.

monitoring service price

And so that the webmaster can test all the capabilities of this platform, after registration, a 30-day trial period is provided, during which the user has access to literally all tests available when subscribing to the Business Package. Full access to the free knowledge base in the FAQ and Blog sections of the HostTracker website is also provided, as well as 24/7 Customer Support. This allows even a novice webmaster to understand all the setup steps.

And its full-featured instant notification system with customizable conditions to notify the webmaster of site issues will keep you constantly informed of what's going on without having to constantly check reports after tests and reviews. This instant notification system will notify users with detailed messages about stability or availability issues as soon as they are discovered during tests via Telegram, Viber, Skype, Slack or another messenger.