Elmedia Player: a Powerful Multimedia Player for your Mac

The Power To Play Anything

One of the champion elements of this media player is that it is unimaginably adaptable in the media document designs it can play. Virtually all generally utilized video designs are upheld including AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, M4V, MP3, and so forth, so you can download and play any record. Book

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Elmedia can examine each page and give you a breakdown of the different document designs found on the site including HTML, video, sound, GIF, even Flash, JavaScript, and CSS records. The documents are given in a helpful rundown the download choice for every individual record situated at the lower part of the sheet. This component is great for a few ramifications.

Adjustable Playback Options

With Elmedia you get various approaches to accomplishing your ideal playback because of a lot of choices. You can change more than the angle proportion and the playback speed of video documents, you can likewise pick the direction of the window, switch perfect representation on and off and pivot the playback to guarantee that the recordings are in the right direction.

Shrewd Video Tuning Options

You likewise get a Smart Video Tuner in Elmedia that permits you to tune the Brightness, Hue, Saturation, and Gamma of a video to get the best review insight. Besides, with the Equalizer, you can change the channels and volume on sound tracks. You likewise have the choice to switch these elements off for a more worked on client experience.

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Fix Video And Re-Syncing

One more special element of the Elmedia media player is that it empowers you to fix marginally broken media documents with the Repair Video choice. By utilizing this element you can endeavor to fix adulterated documents. You likewise have the choices to re-sync sound and captions, in the event that they don't match the video by modifying them in reverse or forward or in reverse in one-10th of a subsequent span.

In spite of the fact that you can find the re-matching up highlight on the VLC application for iOS, not so much for Mac.

Airplay Compatibility

Fortunately Elmedia has AirPlay similarity less the nearby document move include which is a disgrace since it is a helpful component presented by VLC for iOS and Mac.

Catch A Series Of Screenshots

With Elmedia you can likewise appreciate fun elements like taking a screen capture or a progression of numerous screen captures at spans. You can set the span can be from 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds and save your screen captures in a scope of photograph record types. This component isn't simply enjoyable to utilize, however it likewise proves to be useful if you have any desire to make GIFs effectively and rapidly without stopping the video.

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Straightforward User Interface

Saying that Elmedia Player's is its best element wouldn't be erroneous! Regardless on the off chance that you are educated or not, you will track down the UI basic and simple to utilize. All the spotless point of interaction permits you to partake in its highlights without going through the problem of watching or perusing an instructional exercise.


Elmedia is quite possibly of the best medium players for MAC due to its flexibility and ease of use. Albeit the free adaptation offers adequate highlights, notwithstanding, assuming that you want more! You can constantly redesign it at an ostensible expense. Have you at any point attempted Elmedia Player? Share your involvement in us in the remarks.