Visit Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic to get the Best Laser Facial Hair Removal in Delhi performed by laser treatment expert Dr. Nivedita Dadu and her team. The laser facial hair removal technique is a popular choice among most people, especially women who wish to get rid of unwanted dark and thick hair on their chin, side lock, forehead, or upper lips. Nowadays, men also choose laser hair removal to have a well-defined beard shape. After laser hair removal on the face, one can achieve long-lasting hair fee smooth skin. The hassles of frequently shaving off undesirable facial hair are no longer faced by an individual. During this procedure, a pulsating laser light beam is targeted to the unwanted hair follicles to cause their thermal destruction and make hair weak enough to fall out. The surrounding skin of the treated area is unharmed as the laser only targets and damages the hair follicles.