Product introduction

The newly upgraded F series high-power laser cutting machine integrates the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, high precision, high stability, high operation control, high convenience and high efficiency, and comprehensively optimizes and upgrades its performance.

F series products are equipped with hollow structure machine tools, aviation aluminum beams, boneless worktables, time-sharing, zoning, segmented dust extraction structures and other patented technologies to make cutting more efficient.

The new generation quick-4.0 intelligent cutting system has more perfect and intelligent functions, convenient and flexible operation, and is equipped with QUICK LASER professional process database, which is convenient to use. Optional industrial intelligent interface, intelligent remote cloud interface and transportation diagnosis mode are reserved to make the production operation more convenient.

  • High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machines—F Series
    Aviation aluminum beam
    Professional finite element analysis is adopted, aviation aluminum material is extruded, and the beam has strong rigidity, light weight, small deformation resistance and good dynamic performance.
  • High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machines—F Series
    Quick Intelligent cutting system
    Intelligent visual control system, integrated nesting system, flexible and convenient modification mode, support the import of multiple file formats, real-time adjustment of laser power, intelligent control of gas pressure, intelligent edge finding and positioning, intelligent perforation, fast cutting efficiency and high cutting precision.
  • High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machines—F Series
    Patent workbench  High bearing capacity  Anti collapse
    The patented worktable adopts a boneless structure and is equipped with an upgraded worktable to support the rack structure, so as to ensure the stable operation of the worktable, solve the defects of previous worktable clamping plate and collapse deformation in the middle of the worktable, and the bearing capacity of the worktable after structural strengthening is higher.