The so-called short stress rolling mill refers to a rolling mill with a shortened stress loop. The stress loop referred to here is a closed loop formed by the rolling mill under the action of the rolling force in the unit of each stressed member such as the stand, referred to as the stress line. The elastic deformation of the stressed member is proportional to its length. Therefore, shortening the length of the stress loop can reduce the elastic deformation of the rolling mill and improve the rigidity of the stand.

Structural features of short stress rolling mill

1. High rigidity

2. Hydraulic motor, independently adjustable

3. External polymer elastic damper

4. Transverse movement, lifting and locking hydraulic cylinders

5. Conventional models include 370, 470, 530, 610,  or 350, 450, 550, 650, etc.

Advantage of short stress rolling mill

The stress loop is short and the rigidity is high to ensure the high precision of the product, and it is easy to achieve negative deviation.

1. The high stiffness of the short-stress mill ensures the high precision of the product and is easy to realize negative deviation rolling.

2. Achieve symmetrical adjustment. This is important for stable operation, increased productivity, saving time in maintenance and replacement of guide shield beams, reducing operational accidents, avoiding process accidents (such as rolling elbows, shocks and web paper) and extending the service life of the guide shield.

3. Because the short-stress rolling mill changes the force transfer path and reduces the concentrated load of the screw to the distributed load distributed on both sides of the bearing housing, the bearing and the bearing housing bear better stress, which is twice of the bearing life and more than half of the ordinary short-stress rolling mill, thus reducing the product cost.

4. The roll system of this type of short-stress mill is pre-installed and adjusted before roll change, and the new roll system can be replaced about ten minutes after the stop.After the adjustment of the new roll system rolling a steel, the product can be qualified.Therefore, the short stress mill has good preset performance, fast roll change and high yield.

Short stress path rolling mill is more and more popular with customers because of its good elasticity and easy adjustment.

Short Stress Rolling Mill

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