We have learned about the principle and characteristics of vacuum brazing before. In this article, let us understand the principle and characteristics of FSW, compare the difference between the two brazing technologies, and choose a more suitable brazing technology according to product needs in the future.

The principle of FSW(Friction stir welding)

The process of friction stir welding: a cylinder or other shape (such as a threaded cylinder) is inserted into the joint of the workpiece, and the high-speed rotation of the welding head causes it to rub against the material of the welding workpiece, thereby making the joint the temperature of the material rises and softens. Then makes it move with the welding heat along the welding interface. The transformative material deposit behind the welding head and become solid welding joint under the pressure of mould.

The advantages friction stir welding

1.Low welding temperature, small change in microstructure in heat affected zone ;the hardness of the cold plate will not change.

2.The operation process is convenient to realize mechanization, automation, low energy consumption, and low requirements on the working environment.

3.No need to add welding wire or remove oxide film before welding, no protective gas.

4.The welding process is safe, non-polluting, smokeless, etc.

5.Energy saving, environmental protection, low cost .

The disadvantages of friction stir welding

1.It can only weld the welding joint one by one, linear welding , so the welding speed is not fast;

2.The wear of the mixing head is fast .

3.High fixture requirements and high input costs .

4.At the end of the weld, there will be a process hole at the end of the weld, which requires complex design and processing of the process hole.

5.The amount of deformation of the product after welding is relatively high.

6.The design of the channel should be simplified, and the internal structure of the cavity cannot be complicatedly welded. When the heat dissipation requirement is difficult to meet it is necessary to increase the flow rate to make up for the requirements, which lead the cost increase.

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Aluminum vacuum brazing and friction stir welding (FSW) are widely used in two different welding processes in the field of cold plate (heat sink) products, each welding process has its own advantages, and there are certain differences and different priorities.

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