Brands need to tell stories to draw people in and captivate them. Studies show that our attention span is less than a goldfish, but this isn’t true. We have an attention span and can focus on things for longer than a New York minute. We just take a fraction of a second to determine if we want to pay attention to the thing in front of us, before moving onto the next interesting thing vying for our attention. With so many brands competing for eyeballs on a small screen, audiences have an infinite amount of content to cast aside when looking for something interesting. Due to marketers and advertisers using the same data to create their content and copying each other, it’s easy for people to swipe for the “NEXT” because we’ve seen it all before.


How can You Get Seen Online with All That Content?

Brand stories, when told right, enable brands to connect with their audiences and customers by putting them at the centre of the story. You have to make it about the audience, not about YOU - unless you are building a personal brand - then you need to tell your story to the marketplace.

Personal Brand Storytelling and Brand Storytelling are different due to who the story is about. In personal brand storytelling, the hero is you. In Brand Storytelling the hero is your customer. Be clear about who the audience is and what story they want to hear before you craft one word.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand Storytelling is a messaging strategy to connect a brand with an audience using a variety of channels and approaches. It starts with understanding who the brand is, what it wants to be known for, and then telling stories around how everything associated with the brand is exemplifying the core message. If you and everyone who touches your brand doesn’t know your story’s core message – You have a problem.


Today, the story isn’t told one way and brands do not control the narrative like they did back in advertising’s hay days.  Now, brands are a part of a dialogue about who they are and what they provide to the marketplace, the other side of the conversation is the customer, who has a lot to say about what a brand means to them. Brand stories told in the digital realm have evolved as technology has changed and the process will continue to evolve. However, don't let the name change fool you.