As the healthcare and restaurant industries continue to grow, so does the number of pests that need to be controlled in order to keep patients and employees safe. Pests in healthcare facilities and restaurants can be a source of frustration for the staff and guests, but there are several ways to control these pests without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Here are five of the best and safest methods for pest control in healthcare facilities and restaurants:

  1. Sanitization.

The first method for pest control is sanitization. This is one of the best pest control services for restaurants and healthcare facilities. It involves cleaning all surfaces that come into contact with food, including cutting boards, counters, tables, and floors. This can help kill any bugs that may have gotten onto these surfaces during their travels from outside sources and also kill off any eggs that may have been laid by these pests.

  1. Encourage beneficial bugs.

The presence of pests can cause harmful bacteria to flourish, which can compromise the health of patients and visitors alike. Encourage beneficial bugs by planting flowers near your facility or by using natural insecticides. Beneficial insects include ladybugs, praying mantids, lacewings, and lady beetles. These insects eat the pests that plague your facility and help keep them under control.

  1. Use traps and essential oils instead of sprays.

Do not spray pesticides on plants or trees near your facility because they will spread indoors through the air currents created by wind currents. Instead, use traps containing sticky paper strips or peanut butter on top of a piece of cardboard with holes poked in it so that small insects can crawl into them, but larger ones cannot fit in there since they are too tight for them. You can also use essential oils that are harmless to humans but repel pests. 

  1. Install lights.

Pests love darkness, so installing lights around your facility is a safe method for pest control in healthcare facilities. You can install motion-sensitive lights or candles in strategic places—like near garbage cans or around food preparation areas—that turn on when sensors detect motion. 

  1. Hire an ecological pest expert.

If you already have pests all over your facility or restaurant, you need the services of an expert. The best pest control services for restaurants and health facilities use only safe, natural, and biological methods to eradicate pests. This is because the use of harsh chemicals in sensitive places like restaurants and healthcare facilities can do more harm than good.