With the rapid development of the pace of social life, the rapid growth of the population makes people consume faster and higher, which makes the industry a lot of pressure, the development of electrical automation industry is a good solution to this problem, because electrical automation production process is smoother, automatic reduces the shortcomings of traditional production manual handling production, exponentially improve the production efficiency, high production efficiency effectively alleviate the production pressure.

Twisting machine manufacturers have also noticed the importance of this issue, a few companies are still taking manual winding and using CNC single-axis winding machine production, according to market analysis most companies have adopted multi-axis automatic twisting machine operation.

In twisting machine technology more often used multi-axis winding, machine with conveyor belt transport, each machine should be manually fed, and the way is not convenient, after the introduction of rigid connection line, no longer need to manually take care of each machine, automatic feeder, but it is the traditional assembly method, such as the production line of a twisting machine failure, then the entire production line will stop running.

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What can we do?

Automatic production line in China began to gradually mature at the same time should also make full use of the current manufacturing enterprises in China has been widely used in industrial automation equipment, the use of modular design, you can make good use of existing equipment to upgrade to rigid connection or lean production line, you can follow the manufacturer to increase orders for equipment upgrades, thus avoiding duplication of procurement resulting in waste of resources and other phenomena.

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High efficiency & high quality and low energy consumption & low labor cost are the common advantages of our product. New Heli always updates the old version and innovates new machines as per real-time market needs. KV2005, KV2008 series, KV2012 and KV2016 are the main products, which drive the quality of filament sewing and embroidery thread and set a new standard.