There are three types of brakes: magnetic, gravity and mechanical, and there are three types of twisting machines.

1. Ring twisting machine: The yarn is drawn from the tube, through the yarn guide rod and the cross-motion yarn guide, from the yarn guide rola output, through the yarn guide hook and the wire ring around the tube. When the spindle drives the tube together, the yarn drags the wire ring around the looped steel collar and twists the yarn. Most of the tubes on the cylinder yarn frame are live-set on the spindle in a horizontal position, and the combined yarn is rewound by dragging the tube around from the side.


2. Wing spindle twisting machine: The spindle wing is the main twisting mechanism. In addition to the yarn feeding part, the rest of the mechanism is similar to that of the hanging wing spindle spinning machine, which is commonly used for twisting jute.

3. Doubling twisting machine: The main twisting machine is the doubling spindle, which is capable of adding two twists to the combined yarn per rotation. There are three types of double twisting spindles: vertical, horizontal and inclined, mostly vertical, consisting of spindle rods, spindle discs and yarn storage discs and other rotating parts, as well as yarn tanks and hollow spindle tubes. The immovable part is set outside the rotary part and is connected by rolling bearings. The spindle disc is driven by a dragon belt or spindle belt, which drives the yarn storage disc to rotate together. To ensure that the immovable part is not affected by the slewing part, a braking device for the yarn tank is generally fitted. The braking methods are magnetic braking, gravity braking and mechanical braking.

Fault analysis of twisting machines

Do not panic if you encounter a twisting machine fault, you should analyse it step by step and then strip the machine according to the cause of the error.

Check the tension of the winding machine, the screen voltage, the regulation of adjustable components such as the starting position of the wire rack, its system performance screen screen is dim, after the regulation of the screen power supply voltage is normal.

In the maintenance of the winding machine, the suspected obstructive parts are replaced with all the spare parts and the winding machine is put into normal operation, and then the bad parts are returned for patching.

More difficult is the power supply and space, power supply improvement can be accepted to stabilize the disconnected power supply, to improve the shaking from the power supply, against some high frequency nuisance from the power supply can be accepted capacitor filtering method, through these preventive steps to eliminate the obstruction caused by the power supply.

It is also necessary to grow and check whether the grounding is good. There are many kinds of causes of space nuisance: dust, gas, etc., false floating of the foundation, vibration, etc. A judgement can be made and then analysed.