Airless pump dispensers have become very popular for a variety of reasons. Because they operate under vacuum, they are particularly useful on certain personal care products and pharmaceuticals, especially those that degrade when exposed to air. These airless pump dispensers have also become the standard for all viscous products being withdrawn from their containers. In the past, these sticky products were packaged in jars or hoses. As a result, airless pump dispensers are preferred over these products, as there is no need to place hands in jars compared to the flexible tubes of hand jars, eliminating product contamination, and to maintain dispensing and provide almost complete product Evacuation effect, for example. In addition, airless pump dispensers have the smallest number of moving parts and become extremely effective in their operation.

Associated with these devices and in order to maintain an air-free environment, these devices typically either include a foldable bag containing fluid or other products being dispensed, or they include a movable piston within a container that moves upward to close the With the distribution of materials, the distribution volume of materials gradually decreases.

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