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If you need talaq paper Pakistan for divorce and khula lawyers in Pakistan, you may contact us. The Government of Pakistan, in its 2016 report to the CEDAW Committee, affirmed that: the format is: Custody for children is the shared responsibility of the spouses when they are married. If there is divorce at the instigation of either spouse, the mother is the first to have the in obtaining custody of the children after need talaq paper Pakistan for divorce and khula lawyers in Pakistan. Although the OPSL favors the mother in regard to child custody, the law puts the interests of the child at the top of the list.


Prioritizing taking care of your child's custody to your mother can be a good legal principle. However, the restrictions on the mother's rights are substantial. The age of 7 for boys and puberty for daughters means that children of an early age might have the legal right to be separated from their mother with no legal recourse for need talaq paper Pakistan for divorce and khula lawyers in Pakistan.

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In addition, the numerous grounds upon the reasons a mother can lose the custody rights of her children are too expansive, which leaves plenty of room for arbitrary decisions which may take place without regard to the needs of the child. The last point is that granting guardianship only to the father in default does not reflect equality and ignores the mother's right to be a part of making crucial choices regarding the lives of her children. While a father doesn't lose his rights to guardianship regardless of his failure to fulfill his duty as a guardian and caretaker for his children, mothers lose the right to custody of their children even if it's against their best interests.

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In all instances on need talaq paper Pakistan for divorce and khula lawyers in Pakistan, the child's interest is the most important consideration when reforming these discriminatory rules regarding guardianship and custody, considering the government's stated support for that principle.


We suggest that the CEDAW committee encourage State Parties to State part to V The grant of the guardianship for an infant, i.e., to rule on all issues relating to the child's welfare, guidance, and upbringing of the kid, must not be based on gender or female v v Remove laws on need talaq paper Pakistan for divorce and khula lawyers in Pakistan that revoke a woman of the right to have custody of her children in case she marries; V Amend this law in order to permit an equal right to guardianship rights for children and provide guardianship rights to the mother who is granted custody of the child.


There is no law that would make domestic violence a crime in Pakistan. Sexual raped couples are not recognized, and instances of domestic violence may only be prosecuted in general assault and battery charges.[9 The article 20 in Pakistani Basic Law. Article 20 of Pakistani Basic Law asserts that no one should be subjected as well as psychological torture or arousal or humiliation and requires the law to penalize anyone who engages in these acts. domestic violence as well as honor-based violence: The Penal Code of 1974 contains several general guidelines that apply to domestic violence.