Leadership is the ability to lead under a variety of conditions or problems, and this job encompasses all types of techniques. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon have seen many different types of leaders who have had to lead intellectually, emotionally, empathetically, militarily, democratically, autocratically, imperially, and so on. The world is fast-changing, and we are seeing a new set of talents come into focus. Educational intellectuals and politicians have widely debated 21st Century Skills.


Students from top Schools in Gurgaon nowadays are well-versed in digital capabilities. Students are both scientifically sound and technologically savvy. Technology has made kids aware of many things that we as elders are not. Students are very quick to adapt to new changes. We may think that their thoughts are congested and that there is confusion within their minds, yet there is order in that turmoil, even if we are unable to identify a trend or pattern in pupils' ability to lead. These young individuals are the raw ingredients we need to shape into future leaders.

Students are frequently seen questioning traditional cultural traditions and rituals. They cannot discover a rationale; thus, they reject adopting certain traditions or rites. We must give them reasons rather than burying them and pressuring them to conform. It is the job of parents and teachers to provide them with the motivation they require to cherish their own cultures. We must also be willing to let go of some vices that exist in our cultures and religions and must be eradicated.

Here are some measures which can be used to cultivate the qualities of leadership among students in DPS in Gurgaon:

  1. Allow students to provide feedback or express their opinions on any topic. Discussions and discussions are fundamental to learning by doing. Rather than being scolded, they will enjoy this.
  2. Use technology to assist us to set up digital conference centres where students from various classes may sit together, talk, and reach an agreement on a problem. A digital debate between distinct classes on education, leadership, or any other topic is possible. Teachers cannot communicate with each kid in a class individually, therefore we must allow them space to learn from one another.
  3. The goal of the discussion is not only to hear one other's perspectives but also to share our own. We must avoid making it a he-said-she-said situation in which students are the experts.
  4. Allow them to express themselves. It is not that they lack ideas; rather, they lack a platform or means through which to express themselves, thus teachers must initiate this type of conversation with them.

It is also important to recognise schools for providing several opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills. Students participating in Model United Nations Conferences, speaking at TEDx conferences, leading study perfect councils, establishing their own NGOs to affect social change, leading fundraisers, and advocating for equality and a safe environment for future generations are all very common in international schools. Educational institutions such as DPS in Gurgaon are taking steps in the right direction, to produce responsible future leaders.

The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon must trust their pupils and provide them with numerous opportunities to acquire and perfect their leadership qualities. We must provide kids with several opportunities to take risks so that they can learn to appreciate both victory and disappointment.

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