Body scrubs are exfoliants that remove dead skin cells mechanically. A mixture of sugar and/or salt floating in an oil base gives a "scrub" its characteristic sensation. While some scrubs (especially those made at home) feature coarse salt and sugar particles, higher-quality scrubs are created with small, premium particles that polish without abrasion.

Types & Benefits of Body Scrub:

  • Chocolate Body Scrub: Cocoa body scrub is high in antioxidants, which prevent the formation of free radicals on your skin. Vitamin A, E, and fatty acids are among the antioxidants in this chocolate scrub, which help to minimize pigmentation while also providing hydration, moisturization, and exfoliation making chocolate scrub for the body the best body scrub out there.
  • Ubtan Body Scrub: Kaina provides the advantages of Ubtan to you in a bottle, thanks to her faith in natural medicines and ayurvedic traditions. This age-old blend of sandalwood, almond oil, vitamin E, and olive oil is infused with sandalwood, almond oil, vitamin E, and olive oil to brighten your skin tone. Get your ubtan scrub

I Would Say Kaina Has The Best Body Scrub Out There Also They Have a Body Scrub For Skin Whitening!!!

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