The plantation is a process that requires dedicated efforts for results. However, many service providers have made the plantation process easy. They are crowdgrowing platform that connects the plant buyers to the plantation companies. However, the growing market of cannabis has made it the most demanding medical plant. Medical cannabis has many therapeutic benefits. But how do these cannabis crowdgrowing platforms work?

How do cannabis crowdgrowing platforms work?

Cannabis crowdgrowing platforms connect e-growers and medical cannabis companies. They have transformed the entire process from the cultivation of cannabis to the sale of cannabis, digitally. In a nutshell, these cannabis crowdgrowing platforms are like a middleman offering more services than a middleman. And here are the steps that you need to follow for a successful cannabis contribution using these cannabis crowdgrowing platforms.

Step1: Select the strain of cannabis you want to grow.

Step2: Decide the number of plants you are willing to grow. The platformwill have partnered plantations that will grow your selected plants in their greenhouse. You can now get benefited from these contributions when the buyers will be picked by the said platform.

Step3: Leave it to the platform to see the further processing and payments.

Want to become an e-grower? Visit the website of crowdgrowing JuicyFields now.

JuicyFields is one such crowdgrowing platform actively involved in the plantation of cannabis. JuicyFields will help you gain returns if you are an e- grower. They also help the medical cannabis companies, with expansion, funding, sales, etc.

Launched in the year 2020, the company is growing at an accelerating speed. Their growth can be seen by their several dozen partnerships and their large team of 80 people from around the world.

If you are looking to financially contribute to a cannabis plantation, you can go through this simplified process to get the returns:

The e-grower buys the clone from the website.

The cultivators associated with the company will start their plantation work.

After the harvest, the cultivators would sell the produce to the customers and the company will receive its amount share.

The e-grower would get the amount of return from JuicyFields.

This is how the e-growers can get benefited from this digital cultivation platform. The platform also has many plantation partners as mentioned earlier. They are liable to service providers with guaranteed returns. It's the right time to invest in JuicyFields crowdgrowing as its market is estimated to reach up to 93 trillion Euros in 2024.

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