cartridge mechanical seal is a new form of mechanical seal development. Compared with the existing ordinary mechanical seals, it has certainly advanced and unique advantages. The cartridge type mechanical seal, in addition to the mechanical seal itself, integrates the shaft sleeve and the end cover of the sealing cavity and can be reserved for cooling, flushing, and other interfaces, and the coordination and specific pressure of each part has been adjusted before leaving the factory. The user only needs to clean the whole device and clean the sealing chamber and shaft at the same time, then install the whole sealing device into the sealing chamber, and then tighten the bolts of the sealing end cover and the set screws of the shaft sleeve before use.

cartridge mechanical seal

Cartridge mechanical seal, also known as cassette seal. The static ring, moving ring, shaft sleeve, gland, and auxiliary seal of this kind of seal are assembled together with a shaft sleeve before installation, which is convenient for checking the assembly quality. After passing the inspection, just tighten the sealing cover and tighten the screws. Such pre-assembled inspected and tested sealing components are easy to ensure the quality of installation and assembly.

At present, the welded metal bellows mechanical seals used in some hot oil pumps, residual oil pumps, and other high-temperature pumps in the oil refining industry have begun to use cartridge mechanical seals, showing good performance and superiority, bringing great convenience to users. In some reactors with higher requirements, a cartridge mechanical seal is also used, which integrates the cooling jacket, the shaft sleeve, and the flange of the kettle mouth into a whole, and has a cooling interface for sub-adjustment of the specific pressure of the end face. It greatly simplifies the installation process of the mechanical seal device for the kettle, ensures the safety and reliability of the mechanical seal, and greatly prolongs its life of the mechanical seal.

The cartridge-type mechanical sealing device can be provided with extended interfaces for cooling, flushing, heat preservation, and lubrication at the factory according to the needs, and it can be matched with the auxiliary system to facilitate the user. Since the cartridge-type mechanical sealing device is a perfect whole, the safe and reliable parts are not easy to be lost, scratched, or damaged during transportation. Reliable sealing performance and long service life. The accident rate and failure rate are low.

The cartridge mechanical seal is easy to be accepted by users due to its simple installation. The spring compression amount, sealing surface width, balance ratio, the pairing of dynamic and static rings, and the interference of O-ring seals are the result of long-term experience accumulation and user feedback. In the future, the development direction of mechanical seals is to ensure the most reasonable parameters of the mechanical seals, no artificial installation errors, no spring blockage, no O-ring wear, and so on.

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