The watt-hour meter is used to measure the active and reactive point energy of active AC, commonly known as the watt-hour meter and fire meter. Electricity meters are almost a must-have for every household. The Electromechanical KWh Meter should be a kind of electricity meter that everyone mentions more. Today we talk about some of its related points of attention.

Two points should be paid attention to in use: 1、 The current of continuous operation for a long time should not exceed the nominal current value, otherwise, it will cause the current coil to heat up. When the ambient temperature is high, such as hot summer. 2、 The current for short-term operation should not exceed the nominal value in parentheses. Excessive current will cause excessive measurement error.

At present, household users are single-phase meters, and industrial power users are usually three-phase electric energy meters, and three phase meter can be divided into three-phase four-wire systems and three-phase three-wire systems. So in general, the use of electric meters gradually becomes more concrete with the improvement of electric meters.