Do you all understand the principle and operating requirements of the chamber filter press? The normal operation of the chamber filter press is inseparable from two conditions: the airtightness of the filter chamber and the pressure difference.

chamber filter press

For the chamber filter press hardware, except the filter chamber is a little special, the rest can generally run normally, except the filter chamber, which is arranged by separate filter plates and filter cloths, and at the same time under sufficient pressure. A filter chamber is formed, and a closed space that can withstand a certain reaction force must also be formed. If the filter chamber forming mechanism cannot withstand the reaction force of the filtrate on it, a large amount of filtrate will naturally leak out from the gap, but not all of it will come out through the filter cloth, and the liquid without the filter cloth will naturally not occur. Separation of solid and liquid, then the basic function of chamber filter press cannot be achieved, let alone the work of equipment.

Therefore, the necessary condition for the work of chamber filter press is to realize the airtightness of the filter chamber. In addition to the need for an airtight filter structure, a pressure difference is created on both sides of the filter cloth. When the filtrate is in an environment with a pressure difference, due to the nature of the liquid, it naturally flows from a high-pressure environment to a low-pressure environment, which provides a moving power relative to the liquid, so that the filter cloth is added. Yes, the liquid has the power to pass through the filter cloth and permeate out, and the solids that cannot pass through the filter cloth are naturally deposited on the other side of the filter cloth. If the pressure difference cannot be formed on both sides of the filter cloth, the filtration and separation benefit will occur every time even if the filtrate is in contact with the filter cloth, so the pressure difference is a necessary condition for the equipment to work.

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