When life puts you in a difficult situation, don't ask, "Why me?" Just say, "Try me"! In Samarth Prithviraj.  Great Action movies to watch with family at watchonlinemovies .you will see the lion-hearted Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan take on the tyrannical Sultan Muhammad Ghori in an epic battle for power and pride.


A fantastic script

Chandra Prakash Dwivedi's screenplay for Samrat Prithviraj was riveting. Samrat Prithviraj is a historical action drama like no other! The screenplay is peppered with gripping fight scenes, hand-to-hand combat, sword fights, and traditional weapons that are sure to thrill you.

Apni Zindagi Ke Badle Main

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The screenplay by Samrat Prithviraj contains amazing and powerful dialogues that will stick in your mind and heart. Some of these dialogues are very patriotic and are sure to make every Indian's heart beat faster with patriotism. One such epic dialogue from the film is "Apni Zindagi Ke Badle Main.... Main Sultan KO Vatan Ki Mutthi Bihar Mitti Bhi Na Du", which means "I will not give an ounce of the land of my homeland to Muhammad Ghori in exchange for my life".

If you read these lines of dialogue

I am sure you will agree with me on how intense and powerful Prithviraj Chauhan's script is. Also, don't miss the scene where Prithviraj Chauhan is captured and blinded by Muhammad Gory and has to fight three lions in Gore’s arena! Prithviraj Chauhan was no ordinary emperor. He lived for his pride and dignity and was one of the bravest warriors Indians have ever seen.

Edited by

Aerie Sheikh has edited the scenes well and arranged them in a way that makes them easy to read. In an action drama like Samarth Prithviraj, there is a lot to tell and a story to be told. Despite such an extensive storyline, the editor has managed to keep the length of the film as short as possible. The film is two hours long. 15 minutes, which I think reflects the plot quite well. There are absolutely no slow passages in the plot, apart from a few songs which are found in most Bollywood films. This historical drama will captivate you at every moment.

Captivating cinematography and imagery

If you ever wanted to see a film that is a VFX masterpiece, I recommend Samarth Prithviraj. This film is full of VFX and CGI from start to finish.

the battlefield scenes

And I bet you will be amazed when you see the battlefield scenes where thousands of soldiers with heavy armor and traditional weapons fight each other with all their might. Many scenes also show the latest destructive weapons available on the battlefield at the time!

Attractive costumes

The costumes used in Samarth Prithviraj were very colorful and were in line with what Indians wore in medieval times. AK shay Kumar himself revealed that the costumes and armor they wore during the fight scenes were extremely heavy and it was difficult for the actors to shoot the fight scenes with such heavy clothes and armor. The swords, spears, and other weapons used in the fight scenes were real and heavy.

Chandra Prakash Wide’s great efforts

Chandra Prakash Dived is a popular director of television serials and has now established himself in Bollywood by directing such a fantastic historical epic as Samarth Prithviraj. Great Action Movies to watch with family at 7starmovies. Although the true story of Prithviraj Chauhan is still in the dark as the events took place a thousand years ago, I appreciate Divide’s decision to base the film on the most important text available on the legend of Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, Prithviraj Razo, written by Chand Bandai, the Emperor's most trusted courtier and warrior.