The game has been sold out to over 10 million copies and sold well over 10 million copies D2R Items, it's also discussed with numerous video game players, some of which are even celebrities. One of those celebrities who seem to be in love about the games is the rapper and musician Post Malone. Even though Malone might be enjoying his time in his own Lands Between, he says that he's not able to engage in Elden Ring unless he turns the in-game music off.

In the latest installment of Hot Ones, Post Malone was confronted about his love of video games, specifically when it comes to music. In reply, Malone asked host Sean Evans to confirm if he was playing Elden Ring for himself. Evans claimed that he didn't so that's why Malone suggesting the game. Even so, Post Malone explained that he essentially has to turn the music off when performing Elden Ring because it stresses him out .

"I switch the music completely off [in Elden Ring] because it is insane. It's literally like choirs, not of angels, [but demons. They're going to f*** you over.' There's no way you will survive," Post Malone said about the soundtrack to the game. "After an event I'm shaking so much that I'm required to go out to smoke and I'm thinking"I'm going to have to relax.'"

The clip from Post Malone talking about Elden Ring here:Even if Post Malone seems to have an uneasy relationship with Elden Ring's music Elden Ring, he went further to claim that some the best music he's ever heard is from various video game titles. He specifically mentioned titles like Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros. as just three titles that he is a fan of. Even though The Elden Ring score might be slightly too much for him to handle at times D2R ladder items buy, it sounds like he doesn't disable the in-game soundtrack all the time.