Stainless steel plate, cold drawing deformation can increase a333 grade 6 pipe strength, improve the ability of resistance to deformation on the other hand, take the temperature of 1050 degrees to protect gas heating and quenching of solid solution treatment, can become soft.
Heat treatment: heat treatment is a metal material is placed within the certain medium heat, heat preservation, cooling, by changing the material surface or internal metallographic organization structure, to control the performance of a metal hot working process. Sometimes only two heating and cooling process.
Stainless steel wire surface quality is good or bad, depending on the x60 line pipe stainless steel wire heat treatment and pickling process, if the scale formed by the heat treatment process of uneven thickness, thick and thin places where base metal surface finish is different, the acid pickling process does not improve the surface finish, so if you want to control the surface quality of the stainless steel wire, must be strict control of heat treatment and pickling these two programs.
Stainless steel wire to make the scale distribution of uniform heat treatment? To do this, must pay attention to the following questions: If adhered on the surface of the stainless steel wire during heat treatment of oily be soiled, the scale will and no oil thickness is different, and carburizing. Subcutaneous of metal oxide of acid corrosion in acid pickling process. Stainless steel wire in the heat treatment is not to touch, because fingerprints can also affect the quality of heat treatment scale.
If the stainless steel wire and oil have been found in front of 316l stainless steel pipe the hot working, must be in trichloroethylene full degreasing degreasing agent, caustic soda solution and then wash with warm water, then heat treatment.
Stainless steel wire in furnace atmosphere in the local, to form a scale will also have change, this is also the cause of uneven after pickling. So, when heated, each part of the furnace atmosphere must be the same. Therefore, must also take into account the atmosphere circulation.
Of the boiler superheater tube, not only need good oxidation resistance, x70 line pipe sometimes carrying a certain amount of stress, this needs to have good performance of high temperature enduring, when the design is mainly based on persistent strength. In order to obtain the lasting strength, must be a long period of experiments.
Study of extrapolation method mainly from two aspects: one is from experimental data, summed up the metallic materials find empirical formulae, outside with long-term results; From the study the microscopic process of the persistent strength and high temperature enduring strength, establish the relation formula of stress, temperature and fracture time is used to guide the extrapolation.